Gifted Hands Boxing Academy continues to have positive impact on kids

A legendary boxing gym in Bridgeport continues to help kids stay off the streets and out of trouble.
Gifted Hands Boxing Academy is a nonprofit that was started over 30 years ago by coach Joe Goss. Goss, once a boxer, works in collaboration with the Bridgeport Police Department.
“Right before our eyes we see the change,” Goss told News 12. “And that's what it’s about, the change.
Gifted Hands Boxing Academy allows kids from the area to box free of charge.
“I feel loved here,” said Bridgeport native Cris Natividad. “The community is here for me. They make me feel welcome.”
The Bridgeport Police Department acknowledged the nonprofit has played a huge role in assisting them at the academy find valuable recruits.
“My father was in out and growing up, so I mainly relied on my grandmother,” said Bridgeport Police Academy’s Michael Guthrie. “There was only so much he could teach you as a man. But going to boxing he really showed me how to conduct myself.”