Going boating this holiday weekend? Fairfield Marine Unit offers water safety tips

If you're heading out on the water this holiday weekend, police have tips on how to stay safe while boating. 
The Fairfield Police Marine Unit is gearing up for a busy weekend on the water. They have two vessels and two rescue skis standing by. 
"This weekend, there's typically people who haven't used the boat all season, so they don't know the condition of the boat,” says Officer Keith Perham, of the Fairfield Police Department.
Authorities say it's an all-hands-on-deck effort to keep boaters safe.
"We're going to be fully staffed... and the night of fireworks, we work later, until all the boats are safely into the channel and into their slips,” Perham says.
Marine Unit officers are urging residents to make sure they have all the safety gear they need on board their boats.
"You have to have the right number of life jackets for the number of people… flares, you need a fire extinguisher, you need a throwable device,” Perham says. 
Police are also stressing to never mix alcohol and boating. 
State Environmental Conservation officers as well as marine officers from local police departments will be conducting safety checks as part of Operation Dry Water. 
"Just want everybody to remember those safety tips and have a safe and enjoyable weekend," says Captain Keith Williams, of the Environmental Conservation Police.
The Fairfield Police Marine Unit is offering vessel inspections at the South Benson Marina. You can call their office at (203) 254-4866.