Good Samaritans recall rescue in Stamford

Stamford police say a mother and daughter are lucky to be alive thanks to a few good Samaritans at Cove Island Park.
Police say a driving lesson could have turned tragic when the daughter, Anna Rodriguez, drove their vehicle into water and it became submerged.
The accident happened about 7 p.m. Saturday when Rodriguez thought she was stepping on the brake, but instead accidentally floored the gas pedal, police say.
The fast-moving car sailed over a retaining wall at the park, traveled about 30 feet through the air and landed in the water.
Police say the two women began screaming for help as several people swam out to save them. One rescuer, David Willard, says it wasn't easy getting them out the car.
"I don't know if it was the daughter that was concerned about the mother ? we had to coax her out of the car,? he says.
Police say the two women were visibly shaken and were taken to the hospital. A crane was brought in to pull the car out of the water.
Both mother and daughter are said to be doing well.