GOP heavyweight McCain stumps for Congressman Shays in Stamford

Congressman Chris Shays (R-Bridgeport) got an Election Day boost when U.S. Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) stumped for him in Stamford Saturday.
McCain attended a downtown rally for Shays. The potential 2008 presidential candidate said Shays is a bipartisan lawmaker who reaches across the isle for the good of the nation. McCain also said it?s been a pleasure for him to work with Shays for nearly 20 years. The event came a day after the Arizona senator called for more troops in troubled Iraq.
Shays was cautious when asked whether he felt the same way, saying he will take a closer look at the issue if he is re-elected. Democratic challenger Diane Farrell held a press conference hours before the GOP event. She blasted McCain for wanting to increase American troops in Iraq.
The Shays campaign says it raised $60,000 at the event. Voters head to the polls November 7.
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