GOP hopes to wield influence over Bridgeport's future

(05/16/07) BRIDGEPORT ? Despite a seemingly uphill battle, Republican Party representatives say they?re optimistic about their influence over Bridgeport?s next mayoral election.
Mayor John Fabrizi recently announced he will not be seeking another term. That announcement was followed by the one-two punch of Republican Committee Chairman Rick Torres dropping out of the race, and then announcing his support of Democrat Chris Caruso.
Despite recent developments, Bridgeport?s Republican Registrar of Voters Joseph Borges said the GOP isn?t down for the count. Although the option of backing a Democrat in exchange for council races is always an option, Borges says the GOP is going to stick to its guns.
?We?ve never cross-endorsed,? Borges said. ?We have a philosophy, we?ll run and get beat down before we cross-endorse.?
Even though Democrats outnumber Republicans 7-1 in the city, Borges said his party is still very influential. ?We don?t have enough voters to win an election, but we have a block of votes that can push someone way over the top,? Borges said.
GOP members say they?re now going to regroup and reorganize in an effort to map out Bridgeport?s future.
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