Gov. Lamont announces broad consensus for gas tax holiday until June 30

Gov. Ned Lamont and top state leaders agreed Monday to a gas tax holiday, agreeing to roll back 25 cents of the state gas tax.
Connecticut drivers are paying about $4.50 a gallon. The temporary relief would be offered through June 30. Extending it longer could jeopardize highway projects and federal funding.
The plan also includes a one-week sales tax holiday in April and free bus rides during that month.
The total cost comes out to about $100 million. Connecticut can afford the relief thanks to a budget surplus and federal Rescue Plan dollars.
Republican leaders say they're on board with the plan, but they want a guarantee the savings will actually be passed on to drivers.
"What we're just confirming is, making sure that the price gouging laws that we've put into effect in 2012 will actually extend to the excise tax as well," said House Minority Leader Rep. Vin Candelora.
"If anybody is using this as a way to expand their profits, they'll probably hear from the attorney general," said Lamont.
A vote is likely to happen by the end of next week.