Gov. Lamont announces vaccine mandate for all state workers

Gov. Ned Lamont announced Thursday that a vaccine mandate for all state workers will go into effect on Sept. 27.
State employees in hospital facilities do not have a testing option. A mandate with the testing option is available for all other state employees, kindergarten through 12th grade teachers and staff in public and private schools as well as early childhood staff.
Lamont says they're implementing these vaccine mandates now because of high infection rates in other states due to the delta variant.
Lamont's office says it's hearing an overwhelming amount of support on the vaccine mandates from state staff and teachers.
The Connecticut Education Association released a statement saying, "We appreciate the governor’s effort to ensure the safety of all by having as many vaccinated people in our schools as possible. In traveling to school districts and listening to local teachers, we’ve heard concerns from many who favor a vaccine mandate, and others who want the ability for monitored exceptions. Governor Lamont’s order - which says that anyone choosing not to get vaccinated must be tested each week - is a reasonable accommodation and should result in greater safety and almost everyone being vaccinated."