Gov. Lamont, customers charged up over rising Eversource rates

As the cost of just about everything continues to go up, now that will includes your electric bill. Eversource says its rates are going up 12 cents in July.
For the average Eversource customer using 700 kilowatt-hours a month, they'll see their bill jump $3.96.
Eversource says it's not making a profit, it just has to cover its costs.
"It's the continuing rise in demand for natural gas and the cost for natural gas. Natural gas is the foundation for most of the electric generation made here in New England and our suppliers are charging us more," said Mitch Gross with Eversource.
Athena Coroneos in Norwalk says her Eversource bill keeps going up. She says for a cape she is paying at least $237 "and up" a month.
Gov. Ned Lamont expressed his concern Tuesday about the boost.
"We're doing everything we can in terms of emergency support to make sure that anybody whose rates are unsupportable for a period of time, we're able to help them out," said Lamont.
Eversource says it offers payment plans and you may qualify for an energy efficiency program.
But some say that's not making it any easier.
"I even shutter to think what it's going to be in the summer. I shutter to think," said Coroneos.
United Illuminating customers meanwhile will see a decrease in July of about 35 cents a month. The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority says that's because UI made better business decisions.