Gov. Lamont: First doses of COVID-19 vaccines for children to arrive in 2 weeks

Gov. Ned Lamont says the state is preparing to vaccinate kids ahead of the first doses arriving in Connecticut in two weeks.
Pediatricians and community clinics will be first to give out COVID-19 vaccines to kids. Lamont says Connecticut has ordered 40,000 doses for children.
The doses are only expected to be one-third of what adults get. Lamont also says that child vaccinations will likely mean an end to the statewide school mask requirement.
"I think certainly at some point it'll be up to the schools. You know, we've got to make sure we have time to get most of those kids vaccinated. That's important for the safety of the other kids," he says.
Getting children vaccinated, though, could be a challenge - only 69% of children between the ages of 12-15 have had at least one shot.
The rate for older teens is 10% higher and for adults, the average rate is 82%.
Lamont reiterated that the COVID vaccine will be "absolutely" voluntary for children. However, his new health commissioner recently said she would support a vaccine mandate to attend school.