Gov. Lamont pushes toll plan amid roadblocks with Democrats

Gov. Ned Lamont came to Milford Tuesday in an attempt to push for tolls in the state.
Lawmakers have less than a month to come up with a final plan for tolls and vote on it. But Lamont's signature proposal is stalling. Fellow Democrats won't commit until key questions are answered.
They want to know, who will set the toll rates? Who decides if and when the rates go up? And will the gas tax go down as a result of the tolls?
State House Speaker Aresimowicz told lawmakers Tuesday to get off the fence and make a decision.
Lamont has promised to combine three competing toll plans into one. But after two weeks, so far there is no final plan and no firm timetable for one. But the governor thinks he will have the votes to push tolls through.
"We're counting, we're out there," says Lamont. "I know where people are. We're going to get it passed."