Gov. Lamont reduces capacity in gyms, requires mask-wearing

Gov. Ned Lamont has introduced a new set of COVID-19 restrictions - including reducing capacity at gyms and requiring all gymgoers to wear a mask to curb the spread of the virus.
Starting Monday, everyone working out at a gym must wear a mask. Prior to the mandate, officials say those working out at gyms were allowed to not wear a mask as long as they were at least 12 feet away from others. 
The mandate also applies to group fitness, yoga, and martial arts classes. Dance studios are under the same umbrella and must reduce their capacity to 25%.
The co-owner of F45 Training in Stamford and Norwalk says they have already been operating at 25% capacity since June. He says there has been zero spread of the virus at both studios.
Crossfit Stamford co-owners Nicholas and Jessica DellaCamera say nothing is too restrictive though.
At the end of the day, they say they are just thankful they're still able to keep things running and keep their crossfit family together.
"The safety for everybody here is important to us, and we're going to adapt to what we need to adapt to make sure that that's number one," Nicholas says.