Gov. Lamont signs bill protecting abortion providers and out-of-state patients

Gov. Ned Lamont Thursday signed a bill that protects and expands access to abortion in Connecticut.
The governor said he wanted to sign the bill as soon as possible after the draft decision was leaked from the Supreme Court indicating justices are poised to overturn Roe v. Wade.
He also went a step further today, saying it "makes sense" for the state constitution to guarantee abortion access.
The process to amend the constitution does take years and would need to be voted on.
There is concern among lawmakers and advocates on the wording of the question and what happens if voters reject it. But Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz does think a majority of voters would support an amendment. She applauded the abortion access expansion lawmakers passed this session.
"I wouldn't second-guess them. You know, they have passed a historic piece of legislation that I think is going to very necessary for our state and our country and we'll leave it to them to do their job," said Bysiewicz.
Some Republican leaders also say they might be open to an amendment.