Gov. Lamont signs emergency bill to suspend state’s excise tax on gasoline

Gov. Ned Lamont announced Thursday he has signed an emergency bill that will suspend Connecticut’s excise tax on gasoline from April 1 to June 30.
The new legislation suspends fares on public buses statewide during that same period, while also creating a one-week sales tax holiday on clothing and footwear under $100 from April 10 to April 16.
“With this bipartisan action, we are taking steps to provide some relief to consumers as they face rising prices due to a number of international dynamics and market instability that go far beyond our state,” Lamont said.
Connecticut’s excise tax on gasoline is 25 cents per gallon. The bill acknowledges that retailers must reduce the per-gallon price of gasoline by this amount during the suspension period.
"Connecticut is in a stronger fiscal position than ever before, and I am determined to use every tool available to provide relief for our residents,” Lamont said. “I am appreciative that legislative leaders from both parties successfully worked with my office to get this done, and I think these actions are a good indicator that in the coming weeks we will be able to once again come to a bipartisan agreement to provide more tax relief to the people of Connecticut.”
The bill was approved in the House and the Senate with unanimous support from lawmakers.