Gov. Lamont, state leaders announces plans for January special session on tolls, transportation funding

Gov. Ned Lamont and other state leaders announced plans Tuesday to convene the state's General Assembly for a special session.
In a joint statement, it was announced the special session will come together in January to "address a bonding bill and a long-term plan for Connecticut's transportation infrastructure."
The statement says state leaders are committed to investing in state transportation without "recklessly raiding the rainy day fund, which will only lead to increased taxes and drastic cuts to education, municipal aid, and other vital state programs and services in the future."
The statement continued, saying, "Through the Democratic transportation plan, we will not only strengthen our economy, but shorten daily commutes and protect the financial future of the state. We also want to provide clarity to Connecticut's cities and towns that rely on municipal aid and funds contained within the bonding bill."
They say once the bill passes, they are committed to scheduling a meeting to allocate bonding to cities and towns.