Gov. Lamont wants more minority teachers in CT classrooms

Gov. Ned Lamont says he wants Connecticut schools to hire more minority teachers.
Lamont pitched his plan at Harding High School in Bridgeport Tuesday, where he previously taught a class almost 15 years ago.
Officials say half the state's children are minorities, but 91 percent of educators in the state are white.
"One of the things we want to do, to make sure we have a great teacher in the classroom who inspires those kids - a teacher that the kids can identify with - is to do a better job of recruiting teachers of color," says Lamont.
Lamont says he wants to help pay minority teachers' tuitions and even their mortgage if they agree to work in systems like Bridgeport. He also says they could easily transfer to Connecticut from other states.
The governor's plan to attract more minority teachers is still being considered by state lawmakers.
The state education committee has until Friday to vote on the plan. They already approved a similar bill Monday.