Gov. Lamont's new transportation plan includes less tolls

Gov. Ned Lamont is unveiling a new plan he says will shorten drive times for commuters.

News 12 Staff

Nov 6, 2019, 8:15 PM

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Gov. Ned Lamont is unveiling a new plan he says will shorten drive times for commuters.
The new plan, called CT 2030, promises to shave 20 minutes off the commute time on I-95 by widening certain bottleneck points in Fairfield County. It also includes faster CT-Transit bus services.
The plan puts $6 billion toward speeding up Metro-North trains and dozens of new rail cars.
Tolls are still included in this plan, but it is a far cry from an earlier plan that included tolls every 6 miles. Drivers would pay 40-80 cents to cross 14 select bridges across the state, but would only pay once even if crossed multiple times in one day. This includes bridges on:
• I-684 in Greenwich
• I-95 in Stamford and Westport
• Merritt Parkway in Norwalk
• I-84 in Newtown and Waterbury
• CT Route 8 in Waterbury
Toll readers would be placed on I-84 and Route 8 by the mixmaster in Waterbury.
Gov. Lamont wants to lock in those rates for the next decade. The plan uses low interest federal loans to pay for much of the work, with the tolls used to pay the money back. 
Drivers seem to be welcoming this version of the new transportation plan.
"It's not that bad compared to the other bridges around the other states," says Zack Lara, of Norwalk.
"I didn't think tolls were going to lessen our time, but if (Gov. Lamont) can show us concrete ways that our time would be less in traffic and more getting to our destination in a more efficient time, I would be open to something like that," said Nicole Ayers, of Norwalk.
Others remain skeptical.
"I would prefer they figure out some way to balance the budget, rather than just adding new taxes," says John Klinger, of Danbury.
CT 2030 will officially be unveiled Thursday. A website that shows how much time would be saved on the commute will also launch.

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