Gov. Lamont’s pot plan would legalize possession in CT this summer

A new proposal from Gov. Ned Lamont could make it legal to use marijuana in Connecticut by the summer.
However, it would take longer to be able to legally purchase it in the state.
"Like it or not, legalized marijuana is just a short drive away in Massachusetts, and New York is soon to follow," he said Friday.
Under Lamont's plan, sales would be at least two years away, but possession would be legal this July. Anyone 21 or over could possess up to 1 ½ ounces.
Slightly more than that would render a $150 fine. Anything beyond that would remain a criminal misdemeanor.
Taxes on legal marijuana would be steep - $400 per ounce. Edibles would be allowed, but flavored gummies would not. And towns could ban sales, something Westport already looked at last year.
On this week's Power and Politics, political analyst Dr. Gayle Alberda said Connecticut shouldn't wait till 2022 to sell out of fear of being “left behind” by neighboring states.
There are still many questions about licensing and limits on THC levels.