Gov. Malloy unveils ‘no frills’ and ‘bare bones’ state budget proposal

<p>Gov. Dannel Malloy unveiled a state budget proposal of his own, saying he&rsquo;s tired of waiting for lawmakers to agree on one.</p>

News 12 Staff

Oct 16, 2017, 4:48 PM

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Tired of waiting for lawmakers to agree on a new state budget, Gov. Dannel Malloy unveiled a proposal of his own Monday afternoon.
Malloy calls his fourth proposal this year a "bare bones" and "no frills" budget that makes deep spending cuts to the tune of $150 million, but also ditches some controversial tax hikes.
Plans to tax cellphone bills, second homes and Uber and Lyft rides have been axed in Malloy's proposal. A potential transportation commission that could have implemented electronic tolls has also been eliminated.
To recoup funds, Malloy is adding more cuts to magnet schools, senior citizen programs and social services, but deep cuts to the University of Connecticut that were proposed by state Republicans are absent.
Ideas kept in place by Malloy's budget include car tax relief in bigger cities and more money for struggling school districts like Bridgeport, Stamford, Stratford and Torrington.
Milford schools would see a reduction in funds, but most other school systems in western Connecticut would receive no money from the state.
"As with every budget I've put forward, I remain open to making changes and improvements on this document," said Malloy. "No budget is perfect and no one of us has cornered the market on good ideas."
Republican lawmakers have called Malloy's move a distraction.
House Republican Leader Themis Klarides released the following statement: "We appreciate Gov. Malloy's offering of a revised budget plan and will, of course, examine it in some detail as it appears to contain some elements of our previous proposals. However, we remain focused on our own budget negotiations with our Democratic colleagues.''
Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano released this statement: “I thank the governor for sharing his ideas, which legislative leaders will review and consider as we continue budget negotiations. I welcome any and all ideas to the conversation and I appreciate the fact that Gov. Malloy has shared this proposal. That being said, it is obvious that the governor’s proposal, including his devastating cuts to certain core services and shifting of state expenses onto towns and cities, would not pass the legislature in its current form. Therefore, legislative leaders will continue our efforts to work on a bipartisan budget that can actually pass.”
Fasano continued to say, “Our state is in desperate need of a budget. The legislature has already passed one with bipartisan support, and we remain committed to doing so again. The pain and suffering our cities, towns, nonprofits and residents are facing is inexcusable. We need a budget that truly moves our state forward while protecting core services - and that is what Republican lawmakers continue to work to build with our Democrat colleagues.”
State lawmakers have aimed to vote on something by next week, but Malloy says that he wants them back in Hartford this week.

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