Grace Farms Foundation celebrates 6th anniversary in New Canaan

Grace Farms Foundation is celebrating its sixth year in New Canaan.

News 12 Staff

Nov 4, 2021, 5:39 PM

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Grace Farms Foundation is celebrating its sixth year in New Canaan.  
Mark Fowler is Grace Farms Foundation's Nature Initiative Director. The 80-acre preserve is experiencing a beautiful display of fall foliage, Fowler says.
He says the preserve offers a variety of trees and colors you won't see anywhere else.
"This is a heightened sense of nature during this time because of the rolling topography, you get a sense of the deciduous trees turning, the meadows," he says.
Fowler says one of his favorite trees at Grace Farms is the sweet gumtree, which features leaves that turn beautiful shades of red during the fall.

Grace Farms has over 50 species of trees and 2,000 individual trees.
Fowler says trees absorb up to 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and deposit it into the soil. He says the process is an incredible example of how Mother Nature can heal the climate.  

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