Great Neck teen makes T-shirts for kids with cancer

A Great Neck teen is trying to make life a little easier for other kids with cancer.
Jordan Harouche started making T-shirts for himself and other cancer patients at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital.
The 16-year-old was diagnosed with brain cancer in October of 2019. Knowing the process of getting chemotherapy himself, Harouche decided to make it a little easier by creating T-shirts for others.
His grandmother is a seamstress and with help from her and his mother, they have designed a zipper on the T-shirts so that doctors can just simply unzip them and access the port to give the kids their chemotherapy -- instead of untying an entire hospital gown.
"Wearing a gown is annoying, especially when you're a little kid and you have to worry again and you're tripping over it," said Harouche.
Harouche says people have been donating hundreds of shirts with kid-friendly graphics on them for him and his family to add a zipper to. He says handing the T-shirts out is also a bonding experience with the other kids.
"No one in my family has ever had cancer, so also like talking to other kids and relating to them makes it a much better process," said Harouche.
One mother who has a young child going through chemo says the T-shirts make it a lot easier on her daughter.
"It's been a big difference because it makes her less anxious to be able to have this shirt on versus getting her undressed every time they need to stick her with a needle," said Lenee Gray.
The teen has already made hundreds of T-shirts and plans on making more since they are such a hit. To donate shirts, you can message Harouche on Instagram.
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