Greater Bridgeport Transit apologizes to adult with special needs left at wrong address

Greater Bridgeport Transit issued a public apology today after a family says an adult with Down syndrome was dropped off at the wrong address.
CEO Doug Holcomb tells News 12 he is sorry about a mistake that took place on July 28.

Gloria Roman says her brother, Noel Roman, 44, for whom she is legal guardian of, was dropped off at a house in Stratford while being transported from his job at Goodwill in Bridgeport.

Roman says Noel lives with her in Bridgeport and was wondering where he was for about two hours when he didn't arrive home on time.
Luckily, she says, Noel was dropped off at the home of one his co-workers, who also has special needs, and when that person arrived home with his dad, they recognized Noel and brought him home.
Roman tells News 12 she's sharing her story for one simple reason:

"We don't want this to happen to another individual. Noel is mentally challenged, he does not have any traveling skills. He doesn't communicate, he is not articulate and if he was just left there alone without someone's attention, he could walk off and get hit by a car," says Roman. 

Holcomb says he's taking steps to make sure no mistake like this ever takes place again.