Greenlink Trail back open after string of aggressive deer attacks

A popular walking trail in New Canaan is back open following reports of several attacks by unusually aggressive deer.
Animal control officer Allyson Halm says she first got the call Thursday after two women found themselves between two deer on a narrow part of the trail in Greenlink Trail.
"No one knew where to go or what to do. One deer decided, ‘I'm just going to go through you.’ And they fell to the ground, one deer we believe jumped over them,” said Halm.
She says at least three more reports followed. In one case, the deer reared up on its hind legs and pummeled a woman with its hooves.
"The husband is trying to defend the wife, control the dogs. She's trying to protect her face and was severely bruised on her back," said Halm.
Animal control officers say when you're out in the wild, you should always have a noise maker to scare off wildlife, whether that's a bell, a whistle or sometimes just a big stick.
Halm says encounters with deer and other wildlife will become more common unless animals know to be afraid of us.
"I call us the stop and freeze species. We stop, raise our phones, take pictures. Instead, we should be getting very aggressive, loud, especially with coyote,” she said. "The incident is over, the deer have moved on. They wouldn't stay in one area for that long, the food source would run out."
Halm says to be wary of what's around the next corner.
“We have no prediction on how a wild animal might behave. They really do have fight or flight. And that's it,” said Halm.