Greenwich cafeteria worker claims mold made her ill

A Greenwich school worker claims things quickly went downhill when the school was moved to moldy modular classrooms during a long-term renovation.
The Hamilton Avenue School is expected to reopen in a permanent building this September after being closed for several years. An employee is eagerly awaiting the move.
"I'm not an expert because if I was an expert, I certainly would not have touched it," cafeteria monitor Tina Monick said of the mold. "I started noticing stuff on the walls ? I started bringing bleach in, my gloves. I would clean it."However, Monick claims her efforts didn?t help. She said her sinuses, general health and even her teeth were affected.
Superintendent Dr. Betty Sternberg denies the accusation that mold was found in the cafeteria of the modular building, but admits that extensive mold was found in another building.
"There have been three tests that have been done on the air quality throughout the school, and all those tests have been fine," Sternberg said. "They found no significant mold in the air, nothing that would present a health risk."
Sternberg is awaiting final air quality test results.