Greenwich disciplines town worker who shared pics of murder victim

A Greenwich public works employee who took and shared pictures of a homicide victim and crime scene has been disciplined by the town.
A group of public works employees initially made the discovery of Valerie Reyes on Feb. 5. Police say she was found bound inside a suitcase along Glenville Road in Greenwich.
The town says the employee's punishment includes a demotion for a minimum of six months, suspension without pay for five days and a loss of five vacation days. He must also complete sensitivity training.
The town said in a statement that it would not confirm or deny the worker's identity. Officials say an investigation determined that the worker's actions were not criminal.
The employee was placed on paid leave during the investigation.
That worker's attorney, Lindy Urso, calls what happened a lapse of judgement. Urso says his client texted a picture to his supervisor and a few other people, who then also passed it on.
"I think where he really went wrong was he texted it to a couple of other people and then they texted it to people and it got out," says Urso. "He's worked for the town for 26 years, no prior disciplinary actions. He's a military veteran."
Urso believes his client didn't violate any town policies but says he wanted to get back to work, so he agreed to certain sanctions he thought would be kept confidential.
Urso thinks that the town possibly violated the law by releasing the sanctions to the public and says his client is considering his options.
The town says it will not comment on the case beyond its statement. Valerie Reyes' ex-boyfriend Javier Da Silva was arrested and charged with kidnapping resulting in death.
Da Silva is expected in federal court on April 10.