Greenwich, Norwalk step up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Connecticut is stepping up to join the cause.
One in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. In 2018, over 266,000 new cases are expected to be diagnosed in women alone. One in 1,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer.
With so many people touched by breast cancer, local first responders say it is crucial to help fight it.
Among the towns going pink is Greenwich, where the Breast Cancer Alliance raised a pink flag in front of Town Hall.
The town is also participating in the GoForPink initiative that includes shopping, dining and education forums to support the BCA's mission of eliminating cancer and educating young women on breast health.
"Women knowing what their health risks are and being diligent about taking care of them is critical because if breast cancer is caught early, their survival rate is 90 percent," says Yonni Wattenmaker, of the BCA.
Norwalk first responders are also rocking pink. Fire trucks have pink magnets on them and police officers have pink patches on their uniforms. Both items are being sold to be donated.
Norwalk police are hoping to raise around $4,000 this year.