Greenwich teenager uses his 3D printer to make masks, face shields for hospitals

A Greenwich teenager is doing his part to help health care workers by using a 3D printer to make masks and face shields for hospitals.
Arjun Dayal, 17, got his first 3D printer two years ago after joining a local robotics team.
"I found an article from Dr. Peter Slavin from Mass General, and he was appealing to the 3D printing community saying, 'We need your 3D printed-equipment because the situation is extremely dire'... I knew exactly what I had to do," he says.
Dayal says he researched and tested out different 3D mask designs. He settled on a design and started printing those, then added face shields to his project.
He says he's sent out about 30 face shields and masks with new orders from hospitals in Washington, D.C., Westchester County and Chicago.
"We live in one of the most advanced countries in the works, and to see doctors running out of these necessary materials that they need to treat people... it's just sad to see," Dayal says.
He says he's not charging for his services. Dayal tells News 12 it keep his morale up to be able to help those on the front lines.
More information on Dayal's use of his 3D printers to make masks and face shields can be found here
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