Greenwich trainer planning comeback after COVID-19 infection last year

A 29-year-old Greenwich trainer knocked out of his mixed martial arts career is planning a comeback no matter what jabs life throws at him.
Kas Xhema says he's happy to be back to training clients in the gym, but his goal is getting back into the ring after a year of battling COVID-19. He contracted the virus last March, right after he opened his MMA gym.
Xhema says he thought it was a mild case. Once he felt better, he started training for his next fight. In October, he took the ring at Mohegan Sun for one of his best fights - but he couldn’t breathe after.
An MRI showed inflammation throughout his body from the virus. He's now in the COVID-19 recovery clinic at Yale, where they have developed a treatment plan.
Xhema says doctors have a few more tests to run to get a better idea of when he can return to professional fighting.
Xhema says doctors thought the shortness of breath was anxiety but he persisted in getting tests. He says he hopes anyone with lingering COVID-19 symptoms listens to their body.