Greenwich wants 'houseboat' to set sail

A 35-foot boat floating in the middle of Greenwich Harbor is stirring up controversy in the town.
One community group says the owner of the boat is not only illegally docked, but is actually living on the boat.
Boat owner Ian Macmillan claims he?s not living on the boat, according to the town. However, he says if he wanted to, he is entitled to live there since the waters are regulated by the Army Corps of Engineers and not the town. Macmillan also claims to hold a permit.
Joseph Sicilliano, the parks and recreation director and harbor master for the town, says there are several issues to consider.
?Is the boat legally moored in that location?? asks Sicilliano. ?Two, is there a permit or permission for a float to be attached to his boat or moored at that location? And three, is he living onboard his vessel as a full-time residence??
Officials are looking into those questions now.
As for Macmillan?s permit, officials say it can?t be valid unless the Department of Environmental Protection approves it, and it hasn't yet.