Big Y grocery store chain to get rid of single-use plastic bags by 2020

Grocery store chain, Big Y says they plan to get rid of single-use plastic bags by 2020.
The Big Y has 30 stores across the state of Connecticut, including one in Stamford.
This decision came after the company evaluated the experiences of several Massachusetts stores that have been complying with community wide ban since 2014.
"In the United States, we use 380 billion single use plastic bags a year,” says a spokesperson for the company.  “Big Y uses 100 million a year and we'll be able to take that 100 million right out of the equation right in the first year."
The chain says they plan to do away with plastic bags at all 70 locations.
This isn't the first green initiative the company has taken, as they also use solar power and provide electric car charging for free.