Group says DOE giving students' info to military

A new Department of Education policy makes it easier for the military to get personal records of high school students, say advocates who spoke out Wednesday.
The group claims New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein secretly issued a directive to principals that gives military recruiters the names and addresses of 11th- and 12th-graders in the Bronx.
?Children's lifetime decisions are being narrowed because the people here would rather give up the info rather than fight for higher-education opportunities for our children,? says Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.
Under the new policy, students have until Oct. 17 to submit opt-out forms to have their information withheld from military recruiters. Many students who spoke with News 12 The Bronx say if they choose to join the military, they?ll do it on their own without prodding.
Students react to charges military is accessing their personal information