Groups to address rise in anti-Semitic graffiti in Wilton

An emergency meeting will be held in Wilton next week to address the growing number of incidents of anti-Semitic and profane graffiti being spray-painted on homes throughout town.
The Anti-Defamation League and the local United Jewish Federation Chapter will attend, and they intend to find the vandals.
Dating back to April, Wilton police say the vandalism has been committed more than 20 times on both private and public property. The most recent incident took place Saturday on Collinswood Road, as residents found swastikas painted on three houses.
Ruth Horn lives down the block from the historic Olmstead Hill Road home, where the first graffiti offense was discovered, and also across the street from the latest victims. She says neither residence is occupied by anyone of Jewish heritage.
Batya Diamond runs the Wilton Jewish Center from her home, and writes songs that celebrate Judaism. She says these symbols affect us all.
?It?s about spreading hatred, spreading differences, or supremacy, or all of those things are dangerous whether you're Jewish or not,? Horn said.