Hartford bar 'Russian Lady' temporarily rebrands itself as 'Ukrainian Lady'

A Hartford bar known for changing its name frequently has changed its name from 'Russian Lady' to 'Ukrainian Lady.'
The Ukranian Lady posted to the bar's Facebook page saying, "We can’t wait to see you tonight. Come celebrate the name change. Party in the name of the people!"
The bar, which has been in business for over 50 years is known for changing its name in support of an event or cause. 
Owner's say they are still trying to work out if the name change will be permanent. 
One user commented on the photo saying, "If I still lived in Connecticut, I would certainly go to support you and say thank you for changing the name… that was brilliant! No wonder you’re still number one! You guys know how to make things happen!!!"
The bar has changed its name in the past, according to its Facebook page, which showed a similar name change on St. Patrick's Day to 'Irish Lady.'