Head of iconic Bridgeport church evicted from parish after bitter legal battles

The head of an iconic Bridgeport church has been evicted from his parish after months of bitter legal battles.
Pastor Kenneth Moales, Jr. tells News 12 it’s finally over for the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.
For more than half a century, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit has been a defining feature of the Bridgeport landscape with Moales leading the parish since his father, the church's iconic founder, died in 2010.
“Peronally I cannot believe this is happening," said Moales.
Moales said he was given the call Friday saying the locks were about to be changed and that he should pack up and go before the marshals arrive. Just three months ago, state Sen. Marilyn Moore had led a delegation of top state leaders who wanted to help Moales fight a multimillion-dollar foreclosure action which he claimed was a classic example of a predatory lending practice that targets Black churches.
"This is illegal, it's called white-collar crime,” he added
Two weeks ago, Moales claimed that the lender had falsified documents while seeking a reversal of the eviction order.
Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, who spoke with Moales by phone Saturday, pledged to help the church.
"We stand in solidarity with him, the pastor, the parishioners in that church,” Ganim said. “Anything that we can do as a city, as community leaders, we want to do that for the church."