‘Heal Us All’ – Westport’s Paul Hampton writes song for COP26 climate summit

World leaders will hear a song from a Westport resident Paul Hampton as they meet in Scotland for the COP26 Climate Summit.
The 84-year-old musician wrote the song calling it a “message of hope from America.”  
“The planet needs the same type of gentle care that people do,” says Hampton.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal hopes this song will have a positive impact on the international climate conference.
"See us, hear us, feel us, heal us is a message that resonates around the world,” says Blumenthal.
Hampton hopes his song will inspire world leaders to create a spirit of “environmental stewardship” that bring the change the world needs to protect it.
“We all need the same kind of never-ending, heart-mending, body-and-soul-blending healing love,” says Hampton.