‘Heal Us All’ – Westport’s Paul Hampton writes song for COP26 climate summit

Hampton says he is committed to environmental causes and it was an honor for his music to help promote the summit.

News 12 Staff

Oct 31, 2021, 4:50 PM

Updated 985 days ago


World leaders will hear a song from a Westport resident Paul Hampton as they meet in Scotland for the COP26 Climate Summit.
The 84-year-old musician wrote the song calling it a “message of hope from America.”  
“The planet needs the same type of gentle care that people do,” says Hampton.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal hopes this song will have a positive impact on the international climate conference.
"See us, hear us, feel us, heal us is a message that resonates around the world,” says Blumenthal.
Hampton hopes his song will inspire world leaders to create a spirit of “environmental stewardship” that bring the change the world needs to protect it.
“We all need the same kind of never-ending, heart-mending, body-and-soul-blending healing love,” says Hampton.  

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