Health officials debate whether to revise mask guidance as delta cases surge

A surge in delta variant cases across the country is once again drawing debate over whether to bring back mask guidance on Long Island.
Bonnie Sussman, of East Meadow, says she got vaccinated but with the increase in cases she's a little hesitant to give up her mask.
"I will not take off the mask until everyone is vaccinated," says Sussman.
Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says vaccinated people can forgo masks in most situations aside from on public transit.
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Nassau County health officials pointed to the CDC recommendations saying that masking for the vaccinated is a personal choice in most situations.
"Everyone is going to do their own risk assessment. Do what's comfortable," says Nassau County Commissioner of Health Lawrence Eisenstein.
The White House says it is waiting for any possible update from the CDC.
Medical professionals say the key to getting rid of masks and getting back to normal is vaccinations.
The CDC says it is evaluating medical data all the time and stands by its current recommendations.