Health officials, doctors urge caution as COVID cases spike, Omicron variants prove more contagious than previous strains

Doctors are warning against a new COVID-19 variant that could be more contagious than other variants we have seen so far.
The new variants are called BA.4 and BA.5 -- the newest offshoots of the Omicron variant, and officials say they are even more contagious than previous variants.
Doctors are now pushing for people to get boosters shots for those who are eligible and want people to use caution and wear masks out in public.
Although the Department of Public Health in Connecticut has not confirmed if the variant is in the state, there has been a slight uptick in confirmed positive cases across the state. 
"The most recent Omicron variant that we're seeing seems to be more likely to cause infections, to cause reinfection. What the vaccines still do is prevent people from getting the worst outcomes from COVID, that’s been consistent across the board," said Dr. Manisha Juthani, Department of Public Health commissioner.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says tens of millions of eligible Americans haven't received their first booster and of those over 50 years old who got their first booster, only 28% of them received their second shot.