Healthy Heart: Dealing with heart attack symptoms

Would you know what to do if stricken with heart attack symptoms with no one else around?
Bridgeport Hospital cardiology chief Dr. Stuart Zarich says getting off your feet and trying to keep calm are the first steps to take. 
He also says to avoid driving a vehicle. When in distress, a person should call 911 for an ambulance to the hospital to get the help they need.
Zarich adds taking aspirin right away can help keep blood flowing. He says aspirin blocks platelets, and platelets are sticky cells that can form blood clots.
Another method that some consider a hoax is coughing vigorously. Zarich says it is not a false method, but is only helpful in certain cases like bringing up blood pressure in people with heart rhythm issues.
Finally, Zarich says to not waste time trying to Google the various possibilities of what else the symptoms could be. Time is of the essence in heart attack situations.