HEAT ALERT: Heat advisory in effect through Monday; feels-like nearly 100 Sunday

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says it will be hot and humid on Sunday with feels-like temperatures soaring near 100 degrees.
She says some brief wash-out storms are possible on Sunday amid the humidity. Temperatures remain hot through Tuesday.
SUNDAY: Expect a hazy, hot and humid day with highs in the lower-90s but there is a better chance for an evening storm.
MONDAY: The day should be the hottest day in the forecast with partly sunny weather and a pop-up storm. Expect temperature highs between 90 to 95 degrees but should feel more like 100 degrees.
TUESDAY: It should be a day of sun and clouds during the morning and afternoon with a shower or storm in the evening and temperature highs in the lower-90s.
WEDNESDAY: The heat should break by this day, but there is a good bet for a stronger thunderstorm in the evening. Prepare for temperature highs in the mid-80s.