'Heroes Hike' honoring lives lost on 9/11 and in war in Afghanistan treks through Milford

A group of determined walkers are making their way to lower Manhattan in remembrance of the lives lost during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks 20 years ago.
On Tuesday, people in Milford came out to cheer the group of hikers.
It was day 10 of walking for the group carrying the American flag and consisting of a New York City firefighter's widow, an Army veteran and a high school student.
They say the 'Heroes Hike' from Boston to Ground Zero honors the victims of 9/11 and the veterans injured and killed in Afghanistan.
Emergency vehicles with lights followed the hikers along Bridgeport Avenue and Route 1.
While they said their feet are sore, they know they are just a few days from their goal of arriving at lower Manhattan.
"I know my children will be waiting for me, I know my husband's entire firehouse is rooting for me and I just can't wait to fall into their arms, honestly," says Denise Caputo-Olsen.
The hikers ended the day at Dockside Brewery, from where they will resume their travels on Wednesday at 7 a.m.
They said people are welcome to join them and walk as far as they like.