Highbridge fire claims 10th victim after 7-year-old dies in hospital

A family spokesperson says a 7-year-old girl died after a two-day battle for her life, making her the 10th victim of the Highbridge fire.
Asimi Soumare became the fourth child in her family to die in the fire that also killed her mother according to the family spokesperson. The city medical examiner says the cause was complications from smoke inhalation. Mamadou Soumare, a cabbie who received a frantic call from his doomed wife Fatoumata on the night of the fire, has now lost all of his immediate family. Three other victims of the fire remain hospitalized, including two children ages 5 and 6.
Fire officials said the blaze was sparked by an overloaded space heater. The Product Safety Commission is investigating to see if there was a defect in that brand of heater.Related Information Bronx community mourns nine victims of Woodycrest Ave. fire Businesses donate thousands of dollars to Highbridge fire victims City sounds safety alarm after eight children, one adult killed in BX blaze BX hospitals treating survivors of deadly Woodycrest Ave. blaze