Highest bidders to snag contents of Bridgeport mansion

The city of Bridgeport will be holding a unique auction this weekend in which attendees will bid on the contents of a enormous abandoned mansion.About a year ago the city moved everything out of a 22-room, 16,000 square-foot mansion called the Chimneys. The man who lived in the estate was evicted for unknown reasons. After failing to return for his belongings for more than a year, the city is legally able to sell the contents to make up for the storage costs they have had to pay. Some of the contents for sale include furniture, wide-screen TVs, copy machines and a Stickley grandfather clock valued at $60,000 dollars.The auction will take place at Sikorsky Memorial Airport on Saturday. The items are able to be viewed for free at 11 a.m. The auction will begin at 2 p.m. Attendees are required to bring a $500 banker?s check to bid on any of the items. If anything is left over, the city will hold another auction Sunday at 2 p.m.Related Information: