'His life starts now.' Derby dog who was shot, lost leg finds forever home

The Shelton Animal Shelter says a dog who was shot and had his leg amputated has found his new home.
The shelter says Sheriff, formerly known as Thunda, has a "new lease on life" with owners Dan and Victoria Loris.
Dan Loris is a Fairfield police officer whose K-9 Stryker died following several years with the Shelton Police Department, the shelter says. Victoria Loris is a Shelton officer herself.
"This story touched so many hearts, and we cannot thank everyone for the kindness and donations to help Sheriff get the proper care," the shelter posted on Facebook. "We at the shelter look at this and say his life starts now and there is no looking back."
The shelter says the dog is adjusting to life with his new owners, as well as some human and canine siblings.