Hispanic Heritage Month: Bronx native and photographer Pablo Castillo Jr.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, News 12 highlighting the work of a local photographer who is using his camera to showcase his Bronx roots and the glow of New York City.
Through his lens, Pablo Castillo Jr. says he's able to preserve the moment before you can recognize it. He took New 12 to one of his favorite photo spots near the Soundview Ferry where he can capture the sunrise, the sunset and the bridges that connect his home to the city's bustling boroughs.
"I got into photography because I used to be a graffiti artist and I used to live a negative lifestyle. I needed a positive outlet in order to stay creative," Castillo says.
Castillo says he started taking pictures about five years ago, and during the pandemic, he created an Instagram page dedicated to what he calls the "underrated" borough of New York City.
"I'm able to showcase my hometown and inspire people to view the Bronx in a way they've never seen it before."
Now, his work is on its biggest stage yet with a debut solo exhibit at Montefiore Hospital dedicated to his mother who battled cancer there.
"My mother was Cuban and my father's Dominican. They're very hard-working people so I feel like that's where my hustle comes from. Being Hispanic, we have to put in more work in order to get ahead in life."
He's currently also working with Google Pixel as an ambassador to help inspire others through his work.
"I just want to promote and showcase that anyone can get into photography even with a cellphone."
Castillo says his work will be on display at Montefiore for people to see for the next three months.