Historic estate in New Haven gets new ownership after more than 2 centuries

A New Haven family purchased Townsend Estate with the goal to host life-marking celebrations.

Angelica Toruno and Nicole Alarcon Soares

Apr 9, 2024, 8:49 PM

Updated 41 days ago


A historic estate in New Haven now has a new owner after more than two centuries.
The New Haven family who now own the property is only the second family to own The Townsend Estate.
The estate is a New Haven Landmark and it's listed on the National Register of the U.S. Department, dating back all the way to 1804. "A family lived here through eight generations, so technically in 220 years, we are the second owners of this property," said Chuck Mascola, East Shore partner.
The Townsends family handed down the home from generation to generation.
"The assumption was that the next generations of the family would continue to stay here," said Mascola.
But that all changed two years ago.
"No one ever thought that this property would ever become available," said Mascola.
The new owners, Chuck and Marcella Mascola, renovated the property with the intent to host life-marking celebrations.
"I would say it's 99.5% all original...Keep it true to the architecture and not change it because it is beautiful and just needed to be cleaned up," said Marcella.
The historic venue will now host anything from a corporate event, cocktail hour fun, birthdays and weddings.

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