Holbrook mom: 16-month-old suffers chemical burns at day care

A Holbrook woman says her 16-month-old daughter suffered chemical burns at the hands of day care workers.
Maria Deckenback is a mom of three. Deckenback says workers at Precious Lambs Early Childhood and Child Care Center in Holbrook used a Magic Eraser cleaning product to try and get Sharpie marker off her daughter's back.
The incident happened last month during the second day that she sent her daughter there. Deckenback says initially workers told her they just used soap and water to get the marker off.
"I got there and what I saw was completely different than what they explained to me," says Deckenback. "My daughter had a big red mark on her back. It looked raised and swollen and she was in pain and I just knew that something wasn't right so I questioned the employee about if in fact soap and water were the only things used. At that point I was told, 'Yes it was just soap and water.'"
Deckenback says the story didn't add up so she took her daughter to urgent care and was told her daughter had a chemical burn. After an investigation it was revealed that the burn was from a Magic Eraser.
News 12 reached out to Precious Lambs, but the director would not comment on the incident.
According to New York state records, the day care has been issued a number of violations and its license is pending revocation.