Hold the onions: Connecticut among pickiest take-out customers in the nation according to report

Connecticut has some of the pickiest take-out customers when it comes to ordering food, according to a new report.
According to Uber Eats Crave Report, eaters in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Georgia are the pickiest, adding extra alterations and instructions to their orders.
According to the findings nationwide, most popular delivery requests in the U.S. include no onion, extra sauce, no tomato, no cheese, and no ice.
Delivery recommendations across the U.S. for the most popular take-out items include french fries, pad thai, garlic naan, soda, and miso soup.
The most popular types of cuisine are Mexican followed by burgers and sandwiches, Chinese food, Indian food, and pizza.
The most unexpected food combos and requests ordered include prosciutto and pickles, bell peppers and cream cheese, and pizza and sauerkraut.