Holiday fundraiser mishap lands Norwalk family in debt

A major holiday fundraiser mishap has landed a Norwalk family in debt.
The Pellicci family needed to order 84 wreaths for their daughter?s cheerleading team fundraiser. However, Cristina Pellicci instead ordered 84 boxes with an errant click of the computer mouse.
The family received 84 boxes with six wreaths in each ? and a bill for more than $7,000.
The Pelliccis say it would cost thousands to ship the wreaths back to the company.
The family is counting on the public?s help to purchase the wreaths. They are selling the wreaths for $13.17 each and will be out throughout Norwalk this weekend.
To purchase a wreath, either call or e-mail Cristina Pellicci at (203) 853-2200 or