Homeowners: Walls of 1677 historic home came down during renovation work

News 12 has obtained exclusive video of what officials say was the illegal demolition of a historical home in Norwalk on Saturday.
The homeowners, who submitted the permit, say they were doing the work they outlined on the permit, but when they attempted to build on top of the structure, the walls came down with the structure.
The homeowners say they decided to not tear the roof down by hand because they worried about the safety of the structure.
There's been uproar all around town about the home, which was built in 1677.
News 12 obtained the building permit application the homeowners submitted to the city, which said the work on the home would consist of constructing a second story over the existing foundation and doing an interior renovation.
The homeowners told News 12 they only found out when the home was built on Monday by the city and say when they purchased the home a year ago, it did not have a plaque marking it historic.
The city told News 12 the homeowners were authorized to renovate the interior of the historic home with their permit but to demolish it they would need a separate permit. The homeowners said they didn't apply for it because they had no intent to do it.