Honey Harvest Festival returns to Bartlett Arboretum for third year

Families headed out Sunday to the third annual Honey Harvest Festival in Stamford at the Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens.
Expert beekeepers and others use the festival to explain the importance of bees in the environment, how they reproduce, and let the public taste the end result of their hard work.
"So today for the tasting, we're going to be tasting five different honeys from five different flowers," explains beekeeper Marina Marchese, of Red Bee Honey.
They also informed participants about the daily items we consume that come from bees.
Since we're just a few days away from fall, many people look forward to heading to apple orchards and spending the day picking from the trees. Beekeepers say if it weren't for the bees pollinating them, there would be no apple season.
"Bees are important pollinationers. Without bees, we wouldn't have plenty of the food that's on our table usually. We wouldn't have almonds, we wouldn't have apples, even cotton is pollinated by bees," says Worsham.
Local beekeepers also shared insights on what you should know about bees and honey.
"I think consumers should be aware that imported honey might not be the best honey and you should really buy your honey from a beekeeper local because it will be fresh," says Marchese.