How AI is helping detect breast cancer early

Stony Brook University has been using the technology since 2018.

News 12 Staff

Oct 30, 2023, 4:47 PM

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Many concerns have been raised about AI, but when it comes to breast cancer detection, Dr. Cindy Lee with Stony Brook University Medicine says it is a helpful tool.
Stony Brook has been using the technology since 2018. Dr. Lee says there are three benefits.
“Number one – it reduces recalls, meaning less anxiety on the patient when they get called back, less false positives,” says Dr. Lee.
Dr. Lee also says it increases cancer detection.
“It means we're finding smaller and more cancer, earlier cancers so we give people more treatment options and it reduces reading time for exams so I can spend more time with my patients,” says Dr. Lee.
For those worried AI may replace doctors, Dr. Lee says that is not the case – it is just a second set of eyes.
“AI cannot do your biopsy. AI cannot read your MRI. If you need help with pre-surgical planning and staging, you need me,” said Dr. Lee.  
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